Reminder: Teams Costume Check U10 / U12 on Saturday

On Saturday, Sept 20th, there will be a team costume check for all U10 and U12 dancers at 8am. 

  • Arrive with team wig on, headband on, and poodle socks on ready to be checked by 8am.
    • U12 dancers: full brown or blonde wig
    • U10 dancers: curly bun wig
    • Boys:  full costume (black pants, tie, shirt)
  • Bring your team costume and bloomers on a hanger.  Label your dress & bloomers with dancer's name and bring something to put the wig/pins/headband in when class starts.
  • If possible, wear dance class clothes that can be worn under the team costume for quick change/ easy on and off.
  • Parents will be notified if there are costume problems; parents do not need to be present.
  • Dancers can quickly remove wigs for class.