Feis Schedules:

The Maple Academy is an accredited school of Irish dance with An Coimisium le Rinci Gaelacha, in Ireland.  We are located in the the Southern Region of the North American Irish Dance Association. As such, students are only allowed to participate in CLRG sanctioned feisanna.  Below is the link for the current schedule of all feisanna for the entire year. When feising outside of the Southern Region, please clear your plans with the Maple Academy staff first.


2020 NAFC Feis Schedule


Feis Registration:  If you dancer is going to compete in feisanna (local or otherwise), you should set up an account for each of these registration sites.  Different feisanna use different sites for registration.  If you are hoping to attend a feis, begin checking each site approximately 90 days before the feis date and sign up for email reminders if they are offered. Pay promptly to reserve your spot. If you have questions about what dances or level to register for, please contact Marnie.  Don't hesitate to ask other parents if you are unsure about how a feis works. Every parent of a champion started as a beginner too!