2019 Oireachtas Teams Information

Dancing on a team for the Oireachtas is an honor and also a big commitment, both to the Maple Academy  and to your fellow team members.  As all team practices are mandatory, please do not plan to attend any feisanna on scheduled practice dates.  All other conflicts need to be cleared with Marnie in advance.  The Maple Academy has planned this schedule around many local feisanna for the fall season (but not all) and your team can only succeed if all members are available for all practices.  Thank you for your understanding and your commitment.

Please be reminded about the drop off/pick up policy at the Santa Maria Club.  Dancers and parents may not wait downstairs in between classes.  Please do not park in the driveway or behind the building.  Your dancer's teachers are dedicated to providing instruction for many dancers- please refrain from engaging them in discussions between classes as it affects the class transitions. Email is preferred if you have questions or concerns.  There is a "no cell phone" policy in effect for all dance classes. Thank you for your cooperation.

Congratulations to our 1st place ceili champions!!!


Under 10 Mixed Four Hand

Under 12 Mixed Eight Hand

Under 12 Mixed Four Hand

Under 15 Girls Four Hand

Under 15 Mixed Eight Hand

and Congratulations to all our ceili teams.  Great job Team Maple!